How to add Meta Uni Wallet to Chrome browser ?

How to add Meta Uni Wallet to Chrome browser ?

Step 1 : Download

Step 2: Click download file and Extract file.

After extracting , we will have a folder named Chrome , This folder we use to add the extension to the browser in the next steps.

Step 3 : Open your chrome browser and go to setting.

In this setting section, you can see Extensions the button in lower left site, click on it .

At the Extensions screen, please turn on Developer Mode.

And then select  load unpacked to up load the extension.

It shows you a popup to choose, select the chrome folder that you just extracted at step 2.

After that the chrome browser will update the e – wallet as shown below. We have successfully added the wallet .


Meta Universes

MetaUniverses is building an ecosystem that includes e- wallet , decentralized launchpad platforms and make NFT game following the new trends.

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