Introduction about MetaUni

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MetaUni is an electronic wallet software that supports multiple blockchain networks. It is one of the product of MetaUniverses Company which is built and developed for the purpose of laying the foundation to support and develop other products of the MetaUniverse ecosystem such as Defi-game, Launchpad Platform and many more, We are not only limited to that we will also create a revolutionary Cross-Chain Wallet feature built for Web 3.0.

Some of the features of MetaUni Wallet is mentioned below:
– You can quickly transfer your assets within different networks through our CrossChain function and participate in the applications of each network.

– Additionally using MetaUni wallet allows all the users to be able to store and manage their wallets keys and phrases, track transactions, swap the assets, send and receive cryptocurrencies, default installed Ethereum network tokens in wallet.

-At the same time users will be able to securely connect to decentralised applications through a compatible web browser or the built in browser within mobile App.

MetaUni Wallet is available for both Desktop and Android device in the form of chrome browser extension and mobile application respectively. It is a secure login wallet where users can hold and trade all available tokens virtually.



  • Build ideas
  • Design Demo Interface
  • Build Demo Website
  • Connect and test phase 1


  • Build Improved Interface
  • Building Community
  • Connect and test phase 2
  • Ethereum blockchain integration
  • BSC Blockchain Integration
  • Test Phase 3
  • Build MetaUni swap
  • Launch official MetaUni desktop and Mobile Version
  • (Chrome Extension & Application )
  • Launch of MetaUni Swap feature
  • Issue MTI tokens
  • Harmony Blockchain Integration
  • Polygon Blockchain Integration
  • KCC Blockchain Integration
  • Avalanche Blockchain Integration
  • Arbitrum Blockchain Integration
  • Cronos Blockchain Integration
  • Fantom Blockchain Integration
  • Tron Blockchain Integration
  • Solana Blockchain Integration
  • NFT assests management


  • MetaUni wallet access to Market Data information
  • Monitor account support
  • Plan for MetaUni NFT Market


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    Company name: Meta Universes joint stock company.

    Address: 4th floor, IC Building, 82 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi city, Vietnam

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: Meta Universes